About us

Makefast Precision Engineer has been specialising in precision engineering in Mid Wales for over 20 years. During this time it has established a reputation throughout the UK for engineering excellence.

We are  capable of producing both large and small batch productions and “one-offs” when called on to do so. Market sectors have included exclusive international automotive and aerospace industries, security and general engineering components.

Makefast is proud to have produced work for Aston Martin, Bentley, Ford, Jaguar, JCB, Landrover, McClaren, Nissan, Prodrive, Proton, Sunseeker International, Princess Yachts and Galeon. The company continues to develop products for the automotive, marine and safety industries.

Makefast Precision Engineer has won four prestigious awards, including the Mid Wales Manufacturing Ideas Challenge (twice) and the WDA Young Entrepreneur. Since its foundation, Colin has also developed a number of innovative projects, including ‘Spinlock’ and ‘Cooldrill’.

The business continues to develop projects such as this and is currently working on the development of concrete reinforced by the use of un-recyclable plastic.

The team strives to offer a swift, efficient yet cost effective service to its customers.

Tools can be produced within hours of receiving drawings and technical data.