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CNC Machines, Turning

  • Leadwell Turning Centre
    T7 550mm in Z 52mm bar feed Fanuc Control + Cambridge SB1 Barfeed

CNC Machines Milling

  • Leaderway v42i Machining centre 24 tool side arm x850
    Fanuc oi/md control
  • Haas VF-2SS
    Simultaenous 5 Axis
  • Hartford Machining Centre
    X-850mm Y-520mm Z-520mm 20 Tool ATC Mitsubishi Control
  • Haas Toolroom Mill
    X760 Y306 Z406

CNC Machines Wire Erosion and Grinding

  • Sodick A325 with auto wire thread
    X345 Y250 Z22
  • Jones and Shipman CNC Surface Grinder
    540X with Diaform

Inspection and Software

  • Tessa CMM with 3d Aberlink Feature predict software
  • Baty Profile Horizontal Profile Projector
  • Edge Cam CAD/CAM 5 axis High Speed Machining Strategies 2015 R1
  • Bobcad 3D CAD/CAM, Also Camtek Peps 1, Autocad, Prodesktop. Sage

Conventional Machines

  • Harrison Centre Lathe X400mm Z1000mm
  • Britain 1.25 inch capstan
  • Chester Centre Lathe with Newall DRO
  • Jones and Shipman Surface Grinder
  • Optimum B 40 Drill
  • Presswork up to 160 tonnes

3D Printing

Injection Moulding

Laser Cutting


Mechanical and electronic control using Solidworks

Fabrication Capacity

Up to 1 Ton in Stainless Steel or Mild Steel

Materials in order of most used

H13, D2, O1, M2, ASPs, 316, 303, 304, EN24, EN19A, EN8, 6082, EN1A, EN3B, NYLON, & DELRIN

Main Suppliers

  • Tamworth Heat Treatment
    Plasma Nitride, Vacuum harden and temper
  • Oerlikon Balzers
    for pvd Coating
  • Stainless Steel Services